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I think of myself as an 'Eclectic Healer'.

My name is Lynda Ward and I'm a Reverand through the Universal Life Church. I'm also a Reiki Grand Master. I started Reiki in Oct. 2009 and since then I've had all 18 of the main Usui Reiki attunements. I've created, and freely made available, all the Reiki systems I've created over the years.

I've always been into computers and since I was a kid I've used Windows PC's mostly. I hate them personally just due to the fact they often mess up. For a few years though I was an IT Tutor. I'm disabled and have numerous health problems. Just after I started to learn Reiki I got diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Type 3. Around the age of 18/19 I was diagnosed with Essential Tremor. I'm also an 'Aspie' (undiagnosed adult female with many Asperger traits, which do affect daily life). In February 2018 I was also diagnosed as having PTSD. Since birth I've had dodgy knees and chronic pain in the knees. This is down to me being diagnosed as a kid as having the 'Varus Deformity'of the knees. Also known as being bow legged, my legs are not aligned correctly. Through learning Reiki and in the years since, using CBD/Kratom etc.., I'm able to keep on top of all these health problems, to lessen the chronic pain/fatigue/recover quicker from dislocations/help with the depression and anxiety etc...

I was also, always into potions/spells etc.. as a kid/adult. One of my favourite TV shows was Charmed. Since July 2016 I've been living on my own and therefore I've been able to focus more on all my hobbies/interests.


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Monthly Lotions - UK Only - Visit: HERE
My new, updated BLOG (covers various projects)
My newest BLOG (covers: Custom Mini Wax Mellts)
Health Hemp - For CBD and Non CBD products.

Basic Herbalism.

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Scapegoat Reiki

Health-Hemp - We sell CBD based and Non-CBD based items.

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My HempWorx Info Page.

HempWorx CBD Oil 4 PTSD.

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Reiki 4 PTSD.

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Solitaries Coven.

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Sheep Shack Store.

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Oracle Decks:

Oracle Deck Readings

I have some oracle card decks, purchased and homemade. My charge per reading is £8 or $10. Payable to my Paypal account (lyndacw (at) googlemail (dot) com).
When you make payment via Paypal, simply state what Oracle Deck you'd like a reading from.
Types Of Decks:
Current list of decks are as follows:
1: Brian's Deck

2: The Answer Deck

3: (NEW) A simple 'Yes/No' deck - For a simple Yes/No question.  I can also do a 'Yes/No' Pendulum reading for you.  (This would be free of charge).

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