BOBY (pronounced 'Bow Bye'):

Boost Others, Boost Yourself - 'BOBY'

Do you yourself suffer from PTSD?
Do you need a mental boost?
Like to cheer a fellow sufferer up any way you can?
Send a care package of any size, when you can to a fellow PTSD sufferer.
It could be someone you already know or someone you've been chatting with online for a bit. When you send a care package you'll get a mental boost knowing you did something good for another sufferer. Recipient will get a boost at receiving a care package of goodies. You both win. If you receive a care package, then please send one to someone yourself. Pass on the 'act of kindness'.
ONLY requirement is to include following file as included paperwork.
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© Rev. Reiki Grand Master Lynda Ward - 2020
Send/Receive PTSD Care Packages:
Care Packages can contain:
ANY natural remedies for PTSD.
Homemade Balms/Wax Melts/Lotions etc..
Instructions for how to receive distance Reiki healings (if setup by a Reiki Healer).
Herbal Remedies.
Essential Oils.
Herbal Teas.
I'll be sending care packages to fellow PTSD sufferers (as I myself suffer from PTSD) & mine may include:
Herbal Teas/Blends/Plant Material/Powders - As I have: Plantain/Mugwort/Dandelion Root/Dandelion Leaf/Dandelion Coffee/Chicory Root/Ginger Root/Burdock Root/Liquorice Root/Bee Pollen Granules/Rue/Eucalyptus/Cloves/Honeysuckle/veRose Petals/Gotu Kola/Lavender/Moringa/Matcha/Jasmine Flowers/Echinacea/Bay Leaf/Neem Leaves/Nettle Leaves/Devil's Claw Root/Violet/White Willow Bark/Hops/Eyebright/Red Clover/Chamomile/Lemongrass/Yerba Mate/Catnip/Black Peppercorns/Nigella Seeds/Bird's Eye Chillies/Cat's Claw/Rosehip/CBD/Kratom.
They can be used in a wide variety of ways.  Infuse in: cooking oil/Baby oils/body oils/Rubbing Alcohol/Alcohol etc...  You can also add them to your tea leaves/coffee beans.  Infused oils can be used in food/baking/balms/wax melts etc...
I also have & may include: i.e. citrus/fruit peels (powdered or chopped).  Peels can be used in various ways.  Such as: infuse in oils/Alcohol/Rubbing Alcohol/mixed with coffee beans/use in general cooking/baking.  They can also be placed in a fillable teabag (optional: add other herbs to mix etc...) & hang them up in your house/flat as room fragrance & bug repellent.
I myself make: Lotions/Balms/Wax Melts/Liniments/Infused Oils.  So these may be included in care packages that I send out.