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For £4 or current USD equivalent, sent to my Paypal link (on my 'Payment' page) I'll: link a tealight candle to ANY specified recipient (give me their full name for this part) for 'HEALTH' or 'WEALTH' (let me know which it's for). When you send me a message or email inc. subject: 'Candles-WaxMelts', so it gets read/doesn't go into my spam etc...  I'll put my intent into candle through custom incantations/activating Reiki symbols/(through melting wax but NOT yet lighting candle) putting in appropriate herbs/colourants (fragments of coloured wax crayons/grated incense cone)/sprinkling of: blue, black or green salt (table salt & food colouring - blue for healing, black for banishing negativity, green for money)/some part of MY energy into it (I usually sprinkle CBD ABV into it). When candle has solidified with all the extras in, I'll light the candle & let it burn through (all in 1 go). When fully melted & wick used I'll remove the wick & it's holder. So it's now a wax melt.


Now it's in a wax melt state, I'll melt it/let it solidify & repeat this process once more. So you get candle 'state' once, wax melt 'state' twice.  I'll do this over a 3 day period.


Bear in mind that recipient still has to do their part. So if candle/wax melt is for 'HEALTH', they still need to i.e. visit their Doctor for regular check ups or look into beneficial supplements etc... Likewise for 'WEALTH', recipient should be doing what they can to bring money their way. Such as, if not in employment but able to work - look for a job/if unable to work (as is the case with me), do online projects etc...


Namaste - Rev. Reiki Grand Master Lynda C Ward aka 'Reiki30' - May 2021


  Pics above & below are examples:

Candle in progress.  Melting the wax with a coffee warmer.  In this example I added:

Dried Lemongrass

Green fragments of wax crayon - green is for wealth

White fragments of wax crayon - white is for purity/all purpose

Sprinkling of CBD ABV - for my energy

Sprinkling of grated Dragon's Blood incense cone - for colour & fragrance


Finished candle