All Purpose Healing Bank:

Rev. Reiki Grand Master Lynda Ward - All Purpose Healing Bank:

I created a NEW Healing Bank, usable by ANYONE to withdraw a 30 minute Reiki healing (for whatever healing purpose you need).

To receive a healing - Simply state mentally or normally just once: "Withdraw a 30 minute Reiki healing to (PURPOSE - i.e. treat my Hypertension etc...) from my/(Lynda Ward's) All Purpose Healing Bank".  Then just relax until you feel healing has ended.

This Healing Bank is an ethereal, limitless storage bank where healings are deposited (by me) & withdrawn by anyone in need.  While healings are stored in healing bank each one is duplicated by 100 every 5 minutes.
So Healing Bank will always have plenty of healings available for withdrawal, at any time, by anyone.
If your Usui Reiki Level 3 then you can receive the attunement (see point 4 on the right) for it.  Which will result in you having your very own All Purpose Healing Bank for yourself or others to use.

Hope this helps.

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© Rev. Reiki Grand Master Lynda Ward - 2020
How to create your own Healing Bank (ONLY if your Usui Reiki Level 4 or higher):
In order to create your own Healing Bank, based on info here, then you do need to be Usui Reiki Level 4 at least.
To create your own you'll need to make a few notes about what Healing Bank will be beneficial for.  Also are healings duplicated while stored, how often healings will duplicate etc...?
Base it on the following, which is how I created the All Purpose Healing Bank:
1.  Mentally or state normally "I am now attuned to (All Purpose) Healing Bank.  A limitless, ethereal storage bank where healings are deposited, stored, duplicated by 100 every 5 minutes & withdrawn as needed by anyone in need".  Then wait a while before depositing your 1st healing.
If you want healings stored to be duplicated, use the following table to work out the maths part of it.
In first example shown: The 1st deposited healing was finished & ready at 10am (today 8th Feb. 2020), as I deposited healing at 9:30am.
2.  Mentally or state normally "Deposit a 30 minute Reiki healing into my (All Purpose) Healing Bank".  Wait till that 30 minutes is over before proceeding to next step.
3.  Setup the distance attunement by stating mentally or normally "I ask that all those that request it in my name be attuned, in full, to the (All Purpose) Healing Bank.  So that they have their very own Healing Bank".  This enables anyone else to be attuned to (All Purpose) Healing Bank by you.  Wait a while before proceeding to next step.
4.  For others to receive their own Healing Bank, get them to mentally or normally state i.e. "I am now ready to receive the (All Purpose) Healing Bank attunement, sent to me by (Lynda Ward or YOUR NAME)".
5.  To withdraw a healing, mentally or normally state "Withdraw a 30 minute Reiki healing to (PURPOSE - i.e. treat my Hypertension etc...) from my/(OWNER'S NAME) All Purpose Healing Bank".