PTSD Reiki

I'm a Reverend through the Universal Life Church. I'm a Reiki Grand Master too. My main nickname is 'Reiki30'.


Reiki helps alleviate PTSD, among MANY other conditions.

PTSD is caused by witnessing, or being victim of a traumatic event(s). It's mostly associated with combat veterans, but can effect ANYONE. When we are i.e. 'triggered', we experience mental problems for sure. But we also experience physical symptoms. We are right back at our trauma, as if it's occuring all over again. We can't just 'forget' our unique trauma(s). It can be a life long struggle. 

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Also my main domain of covers Reiki healing for i.e. PTSD etc...

Please bear in mind that I also suffer from PTSD, so may not always be in a great frame of mind/mental state myself.



I've had it confirmed by a licensed Counselor that I suffer from PTSD. It's of NO surprise to me.

My PTSD is due to being the Scapegoat in a Narcissistic family environment. Due to lifelong health problems/disabilities I was unable to move out of the family home, till after Mum's death in 2016. Due to health problems/disabilities, when I could get work (with the help of my Disability Employment Advisor), I was always underpaid. It was always 'being sorted out by HR', but never got sorted out. Therefore I could never afford a place of my own.

When it was our parents , my older brother & me it was all ok. But then my older able-bodied brother moved out at the normal age & over the years since Mum (especially) became a Narcissistic nightmare. I lived with them 24/7/365 days a year, I saw how parents truly were. Mum was a total, 100% Narcissistic nightmare, Dad became a Co-Narcissist (part time nightmare). Then there was me, I totally became the Scapegoat. I became the one who was blamed for everything, I couldn't EVER do anything right, Mum would always spread lies about me (making me look like the screw-up), I had to always walk on eggshells around her. Mum totally controlled my haircut till I was 28 then let me have it shorter, but it still HAD to be layered, so even then I had no FULL control until after she passed.

I have SO many issues based on what my life was like for 20+ years as the family Scapegoat. Some people knew what folks were truly like, others suspected while others had NO clue. Mum would behave 'normal' when others were around, but when they left she'd revert right back to controlling/unloving narc. Mum & I NEVER got along as a result. I knew what she was like was 'wrong big time'. For 10+ years I was suicidal. Throughout the years I'd spend as much time as I could in my bedroom, to avoid/get away from folks for a while. In an attempt to keep me sane. Parents thought I was being anti-social, but I was being anti-bullshit to save my sanity.

In 2017 I signed up for a few months (2-3), for proper online therapy (all Scapegoats should get proper therapy at some point). It was with the 'Better Help' website, getting therapy from a fully licensed Counselor Natalie. She confirmed (early on) what I've suspected for a while now, I have PTSD due to years of emotional abuse from my own parents, especially Mum.

I, like many others with PTSD have intrusive & unwanted memories/anger outbursts/flashbacks/self isolation/avoiding certain places/depersonalization/trouble sleeping i.e. relive events in my dreams/triggers i.e. certain foods, smells, phrases, chores, types of parent etc.... As I live alone & don't really go out very often (self isolation), these traits may not have been noticed by others.

With PTSD there is NO just forgetting about your unique trauma. We can't just let it go or just forget the past event(s). When we i.e. have flashbacks, we are right back at the traumatic event(s). Experiencing physical symptoms as well as reliving trauma in our minds. We also find it difficult to talk about & express to others. I find it easier to write about it here on my site & in my new Facebook page 'PTSD Reiki'. So that I don't have to talk about it in person.



Rev. Reiki Grand Master Lynda C Ward