Sublingual Oils (10ml):

I offer, for COLLECTION ONLY (from mine in Rushden) home made:

10ml 300mg Plantain Sublingual Oil

(I will in time make Dandelion Leaf and Red Clover Sublingual Oils too.  As these plants/weeds also have healing benefits.  Just Google/YouTube search for the benefits.  I will update this site when I have these available too.)

I will let you know when they are ready for collection.  I don't yet have custom labels for the oils, I will do in time of course, but in the meantime they have handwritten labels.

They are £5 each.

How to use Sublingual Oils: Place a few drops under your tongue, hold it for 30-90 seconds then swallow.  You should feel effects shortly, certainly within 30 minutes normally.  Use when needed throughout the day.  You only need to use a few drops at a time.  You can also add a few drops to your i.e. cake recipes/add to your cooking oil when frying etc...  You can also rub a drop or two into a problem area.

Payment is cash upon collection.  I have mobility issues etc... so even posting them off via nearest post box, for me, is a crippler BIG TIME.  Couriers are not always reliable, in my experience.  That's why it's collection from mine only.  Please make sure you can get to Rushden, before ordering.

Limited to a maximum of 2 per order.


Plantain, by most is seen as a pesky garden weed, but it is hugely beneficial for several health issues.  It's not the only garden weed that's seen as a nuisance, Dandelion/Red Clover are others.  Plantain especially has always been a favourite of mine.  It's beneficial as an anti-inflammatory/good for digestive health/good for wound care/good for pain relief.

The Plantain I use is 'Plantago Major'.  It's found freely growing in lawns pretty much everywhere.  The whole thing can be used.  If you've never used Plantain for health issues before, then start with a smaller dose.  As with most herbs/meds, too much may result in mild discomfort.


Oils are made with:

Sunflower Oil

(At present) Plantain

Method Of Infusion:

Heat Infused


To Order: Use the 'Message' section HERE of my main URL.

Order Freebies: I tend to include freebies when I do my Avon Rep business, I will with this too.  I will give the occasional freebie with your orders.  Sometimes this MAY include i.e. 120mg (decarboxilated) CBD Sublingual Oil that I also make (when I have enough CBD).  It may be a mini 5g balm or wax melts etc...