Temp Reiki Helper:

'Temp Reiki Helper' is effectively a thoughtform entity which I'll create on your behalf.  Other thoughtform entities are known as i.e. Servitors or in i.e. TV shows like Supernatural/X-Files, Tulpa's.

The Temp Reiki Helpers, being Reiki created can do NO harm.  They will NEVER go rogue.  They will ONLY help with specified task for specified duration.  Upon destruction date and time, they will just disappear.

A 'Temp Reiki Helper' is a temporary Reiki Guide that I'll create and link to a (specified recipient).  This Reiki Helper will assist you with ANY specified goal/desire/wish.  But it will still take effort on recipient's part in order to achieve goal etc...  Helper simply 'helps you further' a little bit.  Provides a little extra Reiki boost.  When I create 'Temp Reiki Helper' I'll specify a destruction date and time.

I'll also send daily Reiki to the 'Temp Reiki Helper' creation notes which I'll be keeping.  General appearance of 'Temp Reiki Helper' will be that of an ethereal orb of light.  It's location will be in linked recipient's aura field.

Costs: Also includes the Reiki I send to helper's on a daily basis

1 Month duration=£10

3 Months duration=£25 - half month free

6 Months duration=£55 - half month free

9 Months duration=£85 - half month free

12 Months duration=£110 - 1 month free

To Order: Simply send appropriate payment HERE.

In 'Notes To Seller' section/or message me via my 'Payment/Message' page/or generally email me: with what you want it's specific (one task only per Helper) task to be.


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