Tribute - Frazier George Burrows - (April 22nd 2008 - March 29th 2018)


In Memory Of Vid (Created by me) - Click HERE

You had a life filled with difficulties (due to Autism), joy, laughter, trips out, music & most of all, love.

With your parents decision (at a very traumatic time), you've saved other people's lives.  Your legacy is that your organs have saved others who were in desperate need.

You are forever loved, forever missed & never forgotten.  Sadly lost just before your 10th birthday, due to very rare form of Meningitis.

Your parents & older brother love & miss you dearly.  You have an awesome, brave older brother.  He was so good with you.

Our lives down here will never be the same without you Frazier.

Your our superhero.


'Derek the Spider'

A ceramic spider purchased by Frazier's parents & placed on his grave.  A special item.  When Frazier's father left feedback & filled company in on the meaning, they've agreed to basically rename the spider 'Derek'.

If you'd like to buy a 'Derek the Spider' use the following link:


      My 'Derek the Spider'

Frazier was my besties youngest son.


© 2018 - Created by: Lynda Ward - As a tribute to a great kid